by Daclaud Lee

Your appliances are essential to daily life and can be considered quite a monetary investment. You want to take care of your investment and set up a maintenance plan to prevent it from breaking down completely. If you fail to get your appliances fixed in time, then you could potentially be looking at much more expensive repairs in the future. The very worst case scenario is that you end up losing your appliance completely and have no but to throw it away.

But what are the common signs that you might need a washing machine repair?

Your washing machine is leaking

When your washing machine is leaking, it can potentially wreck havoc on your floor. A small leak is the best case scenario and when you notice one of these, it is time to schedule an appliance repair. In the worst case scenario, the leak becomes larger and your entire room or home gets flooded. You definitely don’t want that.

Your washing machine won’t turn on

If your washing machine is not turning on, then it may just need a repair. Many people make the mistake of tossing it out, when it may just be an electrical problem. If your washing machine is not turning on, then it may be a tripped breaker or bad wiring. If you have an expensive washing machine, then it may be better to call an appliance repair person rather than buying a new one.

The Drum Will Not Drain

Obviously you have a big problem. Poor drainage will wreck your floor or carpeting. You don’t want this. A washing machine drum that won’t drain properly can be caused by blocked supply or drain hoses, leaving you with you with soiled, damp clothes that are harder to dry! If your washing machine is old, you may require a hose replacement, the problem can also be caused by a warn belt or motor which prevents your internal pump from working at its best.

Your washing machine makes loud noises

Is your washing machine starting to make a thundering noise? Is your machine shaking too much while it’s running? The obvious problem may have to do with the fact that it is not leveled properly. This can be fixed by easily adjusting the legs or by purchasing bits at the hardware store. In the worst case, it may be an indication of internal problems. Over time the feet or your washing machine can become unleveled, which can cause the appliance to rock while in running. In the long term this isn’t good for any washing machine as it puts strain on the internal components and can lead to a more expensive appliance repair. Often the problem of poor leveling is a relatively straightforward fix, however if you still notice the problem after adjusting the feet, you may need further repair.

If you notice any of these problems, it’s probably time to schedule a washing machine repair from a trained professional. In many cases your washing machine can be repaired without the need for an expensive replacement!